About Match

Match is a boutique developer specialising in design-focused residential and commercial projects.

Match creates buildings that are sensitive to both the heritage and urban environments and are contemporary statements in functionality and style.

What makes for a successful boutique development? For Match the answer is two-fold; we create wonderful spaces that you want to live in today, and buildings that are well constructed and beautifully appointed so they provide you with the returns you desire in the future. Put simply, quality means security.

Although each Match project is quite different stylistically, there are some fundamental design principles to which we always adhere:

Superior finishes. We carry our commitment to long-term returns through to all interior treatments. Every Match apartment features quality, classic fixtures and finishes throughout. We create simple, ‘timeless’ interiors that will accommodate any personal taste into the future.

The effective use of natural light. Not only does this make Match apartments more pleasant to live in but it also serves the environment by cutting down on the need for artificial heating and cooling.

Security: Our developments feature well-lit, secure entrances and parking areas.

Creating liveable neighbourhoods through the design of mixed-use buildings that add amenity and life to the street.


About Sirona Capital

Sirona Capital is an independent private equity investor with a background in heritage renewal projects. It has committed to provide significant funding for the development of the Heirloom warehouse apartments.

Sirona invests in the property, mining and resources sectors alongside leading global and Australian institutions, family offices and high net worth individuals. Our key aim is to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns from a diverse range of investments.

Sirona Capital is deeply committed to the Western Australian real estate sector having invested in a variety of development opportunities, including the proposed transformational redevelopment of Kings Square in Fremantle. This partnership with the City of Fremantle will deliver A-grade office space and retail tenancies, a new civic precinct, library and visitors centre, outdoor performing arts space and child care facilities.

As the City's biggest private developer and investor, our continuing affinity and growing real estate portfolio in Fremantle is a natural fit with the Heirloom warehouse apartments project where we intend to add significant value to the project's delivery and financing outcomes.


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